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8:00 PM
Iowa City Song Project
Friday, November 02, 2012 @ The Englert Theatre
221 E. Washington St.
Iowa City, IA 52240
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In 2012, The Englert Theatre commissioned over 30 musicians and bands to participate in the Iowa City Song Project.

The goal was to engage musicians in the writing and recording of a compilation album consisting of songs inspired by experiences or impressions of Iowa City.

The resulting album serves as an artistic document of this small but vibrant town in Southeastern Iowa. The project features musicians from several parts of the state of Iowa and was produced by Iowa-based engineers. Furthermore, the scope of musicians represents many sides of our town’s musical culture -- from folk/roots traditionalists to the experimental/avant-garde.

To celebrate the completion of this project and the release of the album on both vinyl and CD, the Englert will host two shows over two days featuring live performances by many of the musicians who wrote and recorded songs for the album. One show will be at the theater and the other show will be at the Mill -- another Iowa City institution, celebrating its 50th Anniversary -- where many musicians got their start.

Artists featured on the album include:
William Elliott Whitmore, Greg Brown, Pieta Brown, Bo Ramsey, Dave Zollo, Wet Hair, Rene Hell, Peter Balestrieri, Christopher the Conquered, Skye Carrasco, Mumford’s, Alexis Stevens, Emperors Club, Alex Body, The Tanks, Brooks Strause, Flannel, Milk & Eggs, Caroline Smith, Samuel Locke Ward, Sam Knutson, Cuticle, The Lonelyhearts, Tallgrass, The Feralings, The Poison Control Center, Tallgrass, Lwa, Chasing Shade, We Shave, Awful Purdies, John Svec, and Liberty Leg.

Limited copies of the album will be sold in LP and CD formats at the concerts.


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