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9:45 AM
- 10:45 AM
Forum at First Presbyterian Church
Sunday, January 20, 2013 @ First Presbyterian Church
310 Fifth St. SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
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The Uninsured: In today’s economy, more and more people are falling through the insurance cracks…not poor enough to receive subsidized insurance, but without enough income to purchase their own. What happens to someone without health insurance? Are they able to receive equal—or any—care? Mary Keman, MD, Private Practice, Anesthesiologist. Dr. Keman is an advocate of the uninsured, and brings a wealth of experience from her 20 years as an anesthesiologist, and her work in Nigeria and South Sudan with Doctors Without Borders. She has a special interest in public health issues, and has donated her time at the Community Health Free Clinic here in Cedar Rapids for over 10 years.

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