The Mill
source: Max Freund/ Hoopla
120 E. Burlington
Iowa City, IA 52240
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  • 2015 Best Live Music Venue nominated
  • 2014 Best Live Music Venue nominated
  • 2013 Best Live Music Venue 5th Place
  • 2012 Best Live Music Venue nominated
  • 2011 Best Live Music Venue 4th Place
  • 2010 Best Live Music Venue 3rd Place
  • 2009 Best Live Music Venue 2nd Place
  • 2008 Best Live Music Venue 3rd Place

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About this Place

Keith Dempster opened The Mill Restaurant in 1962 as a coffee house/restaurant/folk music venue. It became the center of an Americana music community in Iowa City that achieved national and international fame. The Mill also became known for great pizza and sandwiches.

In June, 2003 Keith and Pam, closed The Mill. The Mill was important to many people in Iowa City; where local landmarks have been replaced with cookie-cutter buildings and chain restaurants. On July 19, 2003 The Mill reopened, and we’ll keep it going as long as possible.

The Goal:
To continue to keep The Mill a special place in Iowa City. To be home for local musicians and other creative artists. To bring great artists from outside Iowa to our intimate venue. To be a place where excellent people serve excellent food and drinks at a fair price.


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